Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I'm Published!

I just got the good news that 5 of my pieces will be published in the Spring edition of Art Doll Quarterly! I'm so excited and proud that I accomplished this goal for myself. Self-esteem really does start from the inside out. I'm thankful to the people in my life who looked at my creatures and said "Wow!" instead of "huh?". I'm looking foreward to another year filled with new dolls and creatures and I hope I can build a community of friends who do what I do and love what I love.


Blogger BOOKWORM said...

Yea for You! I KNEW they couldn't and wouldn't be able to resist. GOOD FOR YOU! I have been thinking that it's about time for you to hear from those folks and you DID!


You're on your way, Lady! WELL on your way! Now you can sell with the words "As featured in _________" and you can teach with those credentials and you can make more, more, more of your fabulously fascinating creaturethings.
Kay Morgan

12:16 PM  
Blogger Linsart said...

Val, Thank you so much for mentioning my name in your article! I was so excited to be in a publication for the first time with you! Here is to a wonderful year with our Muses ! Don't worry if she leaves you for a while.. She will return !

7:01 PM  

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